Client German Association for the Study of Religion
Categories Conferences
Location Online
Date 2021
URL Launch Project

The study of “the secular” has undergone significant reassessments for the past decades, all geared towards capturing the transforming relationship between the religious and the non-religious domains across national and religious boundaries. This paper built on the tension between the “multiple secularities” approach and the Asadian conception of secularism as a political project in order to make sense of secularity in Ghana. Rather than choosing one perspective, both approaches were put to the test in order to convey the complex interplay between the existing epistemologies and practices of the secular as revealed in formal and informal negotiations between the state and African indigenous religion. Particular attention was paid to the differentiations between religion, custom, and culture. Broadly speaking, the paper discussed the applicability, or lack thereof, of prominent theoretical frameworks in the study of concrete cases of secularity in the context of Africa.