Mmy name is Mariam Goshadze. I am a scholar of religion currently based in the gorgeous city of Leipzig. Currently I am a Research Associate in the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Bayreuth.

A little about me

I received my doctorate in the Study of Religion from Harvard University in 2020. After finishing my fieldwork in Ghana, I was a Visiting Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University (2018-2019). In 2019-2020 I was a Visiting Researcher in the Religion Department at Utrecht University where I also served as a member of the Religious Matters Project.

What I do?


I am experienced in academic research across humanities and social sciences. While my primary research is geared towards  religious studies, cultural anthropology, African studies, and history, I also dabble into other subjects and geographic areas. For instance, in parallel to my dissertation research, I have been actively involved in research on secularism and nationalism in the Republic of Georgia. Curious cultural and religious phenomena never fail to tickle my imagination and I am always eager to plunge into new research.


My interdisciplinary interests largely determine my approach to teaching. Throughout my university career, I served as a Teaching Assistant for both undergraduate and graduate courses in African religions, general regionally specific introductory courses in religious studies, as well as courses in anthropology and cultural studies. I have been a Visiting Lecturer in the department for the study of religion at the Ilia State University in my home country, Georgia. I also have had the pleasure to teach high school students both in an institutional and private context. To this day, I continue to tutor pre-college students in academic writing, history, and religion. Being an eager observer of my own teachers, I gradually amassed a collection of teaching techniques that enable students to build on their strengths in an equitable learning environment.


I absolutely enjoy writing both strictly academic and more popular content. The gratification I receive from the process of writing  – with its ups and downs, peaks and lulls – stands at the core of my professional satisfaction. I am also experienced in editing academic content, a quality that I honed throughout the five years I served as a student editor of Transition Magazine, a major literary platform from and about Africa and the diaspora. Last but not least, I spent several years as a grant proposal writer in the non-profit sector.


I dabbled into Georgian to English translation when I was still a freshmen in college. Since then, I collected a long list of translations under my belt, ranging between government reports, scholarly articles, project proposals and reports, and popular reading material. As an admirer of my native language, I take pleasure in finding the right balance between conveying the original idea and capturing the essence of the words. After all, translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes (Günter Grass).

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